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I got the tires this past week. I put "used" 195/60R15 on the rear and I picked up two 145R15 for the front THANKS to UVT Mike. Great guy. Those tires took me 2 months to find. Hell they were right under my nose over in Hershey. If you even looking for odd tires just call UVT Mike. So heres how it looks as a rolling Chassic with no body yet. Its cool.

I wish it would go lower but I think it will lower with all the weight on it. Right now it sits 6" off the ground with no weight. I hope the 195's will fit under the rear fenders. Thats why I bought used one for 30 for both of them.

OK I got some toys for the car now. I went to a couple of fleamarkets and picked up some stuff.

Shift Knob:

This what I have been drinking lately. Its good beer. That and Blue Moon is good too.

I got a cooler to put on my roofrack:

You won't believe what I paid for that even if I told you. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!

Some stickers that I recieved from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!
Thanks guys and girls for the help. Yes I know they aren't up yet. I'm getting there. I pick some up at the fleamarket too.:

Thanks again. I still need more. Hell I'll pay postage if thats whats holding everyone back.

Oh Yea. I did get my roof rack and I put it together. It looks great. I don't have a pic of it yet. sorry about that.

I have been working on the car body alot. I have some one that in line to paint it for me. I hope it works out. There was a TON of CUTTING and WELDING. My welding is getting better with flux core mig. I wish it was true mig with gas. This flux core shit sucks but it works and the price is right.
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