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OK. I have been busy and live was giving my a headache. Well since the test fit, I finish welding everything in to place and solid (solid for my welds??). We started to sand everything down to prep for paint. I'm hoping to have it ready in 2 weeks for paint. Heres a pic of the front hood before I started to sand it.

Then some pics of after sanding with 180 drit to get it to a point we could start finish sanding for paint.

The front has a ton of wrinkles. It must have been in a wreck of something.

Heres the front left fender that had a BAD problem around the headlight bucket. Someone tried to hammer it out and braze it up a little. We got it straighten out as best as we could.

I got some more stuff for the car. Went to the Carlisle Car Show and picked up some stuff there.

I picked up some white wall paint. So I had to try it out. The front tires are new tires so it had or still has a lot of oils still in it. I used "goo gone" and "lacqu. thinner". It worked for the rears tires but it seems to be peeling off the front and cracking. So I'll have to re do them again.

I got new pedal covers to match the gas pedal.

I also got:
The 3 chamber headlights.
Red window tint.

Plus i have been working on the engine. Just cleaning and painting all the tins and I cut the beer can for the coil.
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