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Well I have been off on the timing of this project since day day!! I still haven't had paint of the car. I was to have the fenders and doors painted this past weekend but plans fell through. I been still busy as hell to get the body work done. I FREAKING HATE BODY WORK!!!!! I have it all under control now I think!?!? Here are some new pics lately.

I cut up a great looking 67 deck lid to make it my own. 1 year only deck lid...ha ha ha...

Heres the semi "W" lid that I got from Carlisle Fall Show for a song and a dance. I did some work on it (welded holes shut & striped the paint & puddy off)

My WONDERFUL WIFE got me the club plate for my B-day and it came over the weekend. I can't wait to drag that on the road!!!
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