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Its time again ladies and gentlemen. Another post of my maddness!!

I was having a little painter problem but hopefully are are back on track. I took a month off from the car because of holidays and blah, blah. I get back to it and in a week I was ready for paint. What the hell!!! Got the car prep and off we went. We were going to try to primer friday afternoon and come back in Sunday morning (primer needed 36 hrs to set) but after 4 hrs just to prep and primer we desides to wait a week for finish paint. Heres some pics of my weekend.

Trailered the body to the paint booth:

We carried it in and set it on 4 jack stands:

After a couple of hrs of painting the final coat of primer was on and just waiting to setup:

We left it setup for a little over 36 hrs and came back Sunday morning and picked it up and trailered it back down to the garage. We set it on the chassis for right now to hand sand with 600 to prep it for final paint. Look really good. The color isn't bad at all either. If it would last I would roll this color. Anyhow heres some pic on the chassis:

Since I wanted another 24 hrs to really set the primer (it's freaking cool out right now) I wanted to work on my muffler. I scored a Empi quit muffler about a year back and it was all rusty and muddy. Yea I know the rust would have matched my engine, BUT it looked like an old Cherry Bomb to me. So I took off with my idea again. I got some 1200 degree header paint and painteds like the cherry bomb!! I like it!!!!

So what do you all think now? Its coming alone quite well now. I can really see the body with a solid color on it. If you look close you can see the pin bubbles where we used the puddy and we didn't use any spot glaze either. That doesn't bother me at all. Its all not bad for my first every car project. I am very proud of this car and the work that I have put into it and learned from it.
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