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Default Re: UK VW Rusto-ROD epic

Thank you psycho & V8

Tinkering these last few days in readiness for the big European road trip. Engine oil & filter changed, clutch adjusted, rear lights sorted and I now have a licence-plate light as well!

The new Goodrich's have performed well and only just clear the springplate adjuster blocks by 8mm....enough

I've been tweeking the damping to very good effect, noticeable changes within 2 clicks, I now have it handling much better.

Think I still need to adjust the rear wheel alignment, I have a hunch it's toe-in and should be toe-out. It has a tendency to rear steer now and again, probably related to the road surface/truck tracks and bumps?

Here's a couple of shots of the club workshop last night, aircooled is still very alive and very well this side of the pond guys

...and I tripped over this...

Can ya tell what it is yet?
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