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Default Re: UK VW Rusto-ROD epic

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Yikes! Did someone steal the wheels off the blue bus, or is it simply veeerrry low?

As far as the engine ID, it appears to be a very rare dual-carb air cooled 1620cc flat four from a '62 Snardley Tinwell. Fortunately, they drop right in to a VW.
The clue's in the club name - Lo'E'Nuf VeeDub Club haha! It's low , owned by Rob and driven very often, mainly on family camp outs, almost every other weekend during the summer. Brakes needed adjusting which is why the workshop is open to members on a Wednesday evening.

The Yellow/grey split is Chris' he own the shop and his is almost daily driven and very used as well. No trailer queens Sir!

I had the engine down as a pre-blower, 5x cylinder Farnsley Wassock spark ignition diesel.....but I think you're right on this one V8 It might just fit a 356 as well though?
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