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Talking Re: UK VW Rusto-ROD epic

What a blast we all had at European Bug-In. Well worth the trip, 650 miles door to door round trip with no real mechanical issues with both Beetles performing admirably. I say no issues, Matt did lose his speedo on the '67 and quite a bit of his beam on the atrocious Belgian roads and I lost half of my front licence plate getting off the ferry boarding ramps (it was knarly anyway).

Here's a few snaps:

On the Channel ferry with a few other aircooled vehicles

3 amigos (I'm on the left)

Formation driving

Formation filling - we just met these guys at the gas station

Striping redone due to a small under wing fire - thanks Nefarious

Spotted a brown split wearing Rossi headlamps, Gil agreed to a photoshoot

The money shot (for me anyway) Chimay is a road race orientated town, geared to race events.

Booking the entire deck home was a top idea

That's all folks.
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