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Default Re: UK VW Rusto-ROD epic

I'd spotted a FB post about an oil pressure gauge working off the engine block, T piece allows stock pressure switch connection. This is only for show really, although it does allow you to see oil pressure while working on the engine - for what good that will do?

Anyhoo, I really liked the look of the white/red version (also available in classic black/white). It arrived as promised and I installed it today. Really pleased with it and it's showing 50psi at tickover which is good

Simple install, but there are now 3x more joins to get oil-tight!

What do you think?

Here's the bloke selling them:

In other news: The battery went flat the other day, so a new one today and all is well.

Test drive with the Moto-Lita wheel, it feels very different to the other woodrim, much stronger. Me likey!

PS My updates are like buses....
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