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Cool Belgian VolksRod

well hello guys,
here we are again..
the start of my new Project..
i've been working on it since a couple of months but it's really taking of now..
here is the start..

after being of the streets for 20 years i think it's time to but it back on, but it's not going to be an easy job because the car went from hobbyist to wrecker to.. and not much is left..
when i bought it they said to me it was complete, and it was but they completed it with all kind of pieces from older types that does not match
So it actually has to be rebuild from scratch, and hey if we do it anyway why not make it something special, it is the only chance this car has to get back on the road..

So here is my goal;
To build the first STREETLEGAL VOLKSROD in Belgium..

i've got another topic on the cutting board ;
please leave your ideas tips, tricks, commands here so i can learn in the progress and see how you real volksrodders think about my work..
(i've only seen 1 VROD in all my life and the second i see will be mine)

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