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Being a Grandpa myself, I too was very touched by your tribute to your Grandpa.

I was always terrified of my Grandpa because he was a mountain of a man. He was a farmer, trucker and a steel worker. I can remember his hands as rough as 36 grit sand paper. I didn't get to really know him until his very late years but he alway had a huge influence on me. The memory that stands out in my mind the most is how he took care of his tools. You wouldn't dare borrow one of his tools unless you asked him and if you didn't return that tool cleaned and in it's proper spot, there would be hell to pay. My love for tools is due to my Grandfathers influence. He always told me to buy the best tools and take care of them and they will alway take care of you. Just a few months before he died, I was visiting him and he told me a story about one of his tools. There was one particular job that he could do much faster than anyone else in his shop and nobody new how he did it so fast. He told me to go into the top drawer of his dresser and find a stubby Craftsman 7/16" box end wrench. I retreived it and brought it to him. He told me that it was that tool that allowed him to get to a bolt in a way that nobody else could and that's how he did the job.

When he died I went to pay my resects to him at the mortuary. I took that 7/16" wrench and slipped it in his pocket and he was buried with that tool and his secret.

I can only hope that my grandkids love me the way I loved that man.

Rest in piece Grandpa Hammond
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