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Default Re: Volksrodder Meals - real recipes for cutters, welders, and drivers

I also like to make soups, some are REALLY easy to slap together.

Easy Potato Soup is GREAT and SIMPLE to make with only a few ingredients and is my FAVORITE thing when it gets C-C-C-COLD outside.

I was raised eating this at least once a week, my father did the best he could and to me this recipe is like that scene in that Ratatouille movie, takes me back to being that poor kid again and it makes me smile because my soup is now as good as my dad's!

POTATOES (red ones work better for this recipe) peeled and cut up.
(big cuts take longer to cook but I like 'em that way, cube 'em up small if you're in a hurry)
Put the cut up potatoes in a big ass pot and just barely cover with water.
ONION - cut one up and put it in the pot with the potatoes. I use an OSTER to really chop that shiat up, but you can go with big chunk if you like onions that way.
BUTTER - put some in, a little or a lot - depends on how much soup you're cooking
SALT - gonna take some salt here folks, won't taste right without a bunch of salt. I pour the salt into my palm and then dump it in the water with the potatoes/onion/butter. I don't measure anything, sorry. Just taste it and use your own judgement. I can tell when I didn't put enough salt in, and it doesn't work as well to add it after the soup's done.
PEPPER - you're going to want some in there after that handfull of salt.
I add some minced garlic in there also, I like garlic.

BACON DRIPPINS (This is the south and we keep that bacon grease in a container on the stove. Gonna need just a tiny bit in this soup. Just take a small spoon and scoop up some of that tasty goodness, flop it off in the pot. Don't take much but you gotta put a little in there)


VELVEETA (start cutting up in small cubes so it melts easily)

Get started on some cornbread, you're going to need it. This Potato Soup AIN'T the appetizer, it's a MEAL and you can't have THIS Potato Soup without some Cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet... more bacon dippins needed here folks.

When the Potatoes start cooking down they'll thicken up the water. Don't cook the potatoes completely away, you want the chunks in this. Boil until you can smash a big piece of potato with a fork.

Add some milk, not a lot here. I think I might use about a half a cup or so. Really, not too much at all.

Add small cubes of Velveeta until it gets to tasting like you want. I like it kinda cheesy so I put the velveeta to it like maybe 16oz in a really big stock pot of soup.

IF the soup is too thin, you can mix up some milk and flour and add that to the soup to thicken it up, but that almost never happens. Gotta be careful if you're adding the milk/flour also or it'll get big clumps all mixed up in there and that just ruin the soup. I did that the first time I tried to make Potato Soup. The next time I didn't even need it.

I've added Broccoli to this recipe and that's good. I've added corn and that makes it Chowder for some silly reason.

You can add slivers of carrots, add some celery, whatever.

NOW, the MULLINS way of doing this was to take a bowl and put a big slick of that Cornbread in there. Pour the Potato Soup over it and start eating. MAN THAT'S some f'n good eating right there!

Sprinkle some green onions or chives on top, add some crumpled up bacon if you want to. Heck, you can even add some shredded Cheddar on there if you feel like it.

It's kinda cheap, it's TERRIBLY easy, and I'm proof you can eat it all the time and not get sick of it. I'm going on about 35 years or more of eating it, had it two weeks ago and I want some RIGHT NOW. SOME? Shiiiiiiiiiat... I want a LOT of it right now. I'm freezing.

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