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Default Re: Thank you for speaking these words...

Today I went to "17th Annual Tribute To Our Veterans" at the Santa Rosa Veteran's building.
This Luncheon put on by the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs of Santa Rosa, and the first I've attended. There was a sizable turnout. A Color Guard, along with a local High School marching band was there. A local singer sang a touching acapella version of the national Anthem and America the Beautiful. The main speaker was a retired Major General.
I sat next to a Korean War vet and across for a former Marine who had served more than one 'deployment' in Afghanistan.
While acknowledging our service, a part of the General's speech touched on the Vietnam War, and how we were treated when we arrived "home." We Vietnam vets were asked to stand and the room broke out into applause. This being my first experience to a reaction of this kind, it was a bit emotional.
All in all a pretty great day!
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