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Re:: Pink notch becoming a track car   

I took the purple notch to the track and I broke it at the 4th event. So, I decided I need to take the pink car as a dedicated racer and if it breaks, I am not out an all weather driver. So, that is the plan. I have one more VW race in October to make a pass as it sits before the rest of the changes happen over the winter.

I need one thing though, and used is fine. Anyone have an old single handle turning brake they would part with for cheapish? PM me if you do. Thanks!

Also, because of the plan, I got off my butt and got the 2332cc up and running again a couple days ago. Then I put a full on tune up on it and wow, I forgot how much this engine makes me just hearing it. Only been driven 60 miles in the last 3 years. Sad. Now, if it is driven only 12 miles next year, that is a pile of passes at the track!
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