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Default Re: It's really happening...

Well, the car sat. And sat. And sat. And sat.

Until last week. The turbo set up wasn't ready to fit under the cover for needed safety, so I took it to the track with the dual carbs. No tune up, no race tires, no line loc or staging brake.
So, launched at 2200rpm, spun the worn out radials through 2nd gear and still managed a 9.97 and a couple 10.0x in the 1/8th mile. I was able to drive it back onto the trailer and learned all that has to happen for me to run all the time legally.
1) completely new cage. current one is not tall enough for the 3" needed above the helmet and does not have the bar for shoulder part of the harness. I also have to add a submarine strap since it is open topped.
2) some sort of staging brake or line loc is needed. They starting light is not quite level and the car wants to roll as I go from brake pedal to throttle for launch.
3) while this track usually does great prep, the radials were no match for lack of prep this time. 2.1x 60fts are not going to get it done.
4) if I add the turbo, I have to build a new engine cover/driver protection from the engine bay. If I stay with the carbs, I still need to do some alterations to meet NHRA requirements.
5) I need a legal jacket. As an owner of a topless car, It requires a racing jacket and if I go turbo, it has to be to a higher SFI level.

Last, this will give me the seat time needed before I drive the lightweight LGK3 when it is done.
I'd add pics, but they seem to turn into nothing after I hit post.
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