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Default Re: Question for daily drivers

^^There you go. Keep the clutch cable and pivot points lubed. Though I'm running a Ford V8, I'm using a beefed up VW clutch pivot (where the cable connects up front at the pedal) and modified VW clutch cable (goes to a bell crank to pull the Ford throw out arm in the correct direction). Keep the valves adjusted! Change your oil every 2000 miles and clean the filter screen. I run a pair of clear large O.D. fuel filters close to the carb where I can spot water or other interesting stuff gathering in the lower part of the filter. I also use a Lucas Ethanol treatment as Ethanol loves to bring water into your system, which will collect in your tank...etc.
For heat, your on your own. In my Corvair powered Baja, I ran tubes from the Corvair heater boxes at the engine up to the VW tubes.
When the SC had her 36hp, the stock system worked fine. Having the doors and read interior panels packed with insulation really helped. When the Corvair went in I did the same thing I'd done with the Baja, as I drive what I build year around. With the V8, she sports an under seat mounted heater with two speed fan from a '69 Mini Cooper (here, having a warm water source really helps). This hooks into the VW tube feeding the heat opening in the cab and the defrosters.
As I have picked up upholstery kits for the Singe Cab interior, I plan on installing seat heaters.
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