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Default Re: Question for daily drivers

I drive my '60 Ghia 46 miles every day and have been for 6 years. My daughter drives her '71 Super 44 miles every day. Before that I drove my '62 Baja every day. They absolutely can be driven every day. (almost)

I say almost because occasionally something will happen (you should plan on it anyway) that takes longer than a couple hours to fix.

For the most part though - you can drive it every day and should be able to see/hear/feel issues that are starting and can deal with them BEFORE they deadline your car.

I would agree with the above and add a few things.

1. Check your oil level before EVERY drive.
2. Check your fuel filter at EVERY fill up. (once a week)
3. Install good air cleaners (I use K&N and clean them every couple of months)
4. Change your oil every 2,000 miles and check/adjust your valves at that time.
5. Check your lights, brake lights, turn signals every week.

Things to keep in your bug:

1. Spare accelerator cable
2. Spare bulbs
3. Spare fuses
4. Small tool set
5. Extra wire with a few connectors
6. Couple quarts of oil
7. Jack and spare tire
8. Spare coil
9. Helicoil for spark plug
10. Spare fan belt

Things to look for/repair after buying a bug that is "new to you." (Cuz the PO may not be a liar - but he also may not have a good memory)

1. Wheel bearings
2. Swing axle - outer seals/inner boots and transmission fluid (gear oil)
3. IRS - grease CV joints and replace boots
4. ALL wiring - follow each wire and check connections/grounds and that it has a purpose and is wired correctly.

*did I ever tell you about the guy that had his stereo wired from his coil - so that the louder the stereo was, the slower his car was? And that it caught on fire?

5. Make sure you have an oil pressure sending unit/idiot light or gauge and that they work.
6. Replace the plugs, wires, cap and rotor.

I am sure that there are a few things that I am forgetting - but if you are doing all the above - any other issues that your car has should be visible and you can fix as needed. Good luck!

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