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Default Re: Question for daily drivers

I drive my Super every day rain or shine.
I carry first and foremost a charged phone and paid up to date roadside assistance.
Those are the best things to carry in this day and age for those times when working on the side of a busy highway is not a good idea.

Other than that I have a spare belt, some oil, used but operable condition cap, rotor, and points.

A tool box with the standard tools that fix 95% of the things on your car, mine is an old metal fishing tackle box.

Also in this box is an assortment of items that could be a problem, like the other day when it crapped out on me as I was on the interstate. I fixed my car with a piece of rubber fuel line that is about 15" long and sits in the bottom of the box. Something blocked the flow of fuel somewhere before the pump. I pulled the line from the pump and installed this long one so that I could blow backwards into the tank, clearing the issue. Then when fuel came out, I put it on the pump with a spare hose clamp and was on my way in 10 minutes.

I am a derelict with my valves.
I put the engine in 3 years ago and drive it 25 miles a day everyday.
I just a couple of months ago adjusted them.
They were pretty close to were I had them when I installed it.

Oh and a good spare tire.
It does you no good to carry a flat spare.
I have not yet begun to procrastinate.
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