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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So this afternoon the parts for my dual carbs arrived, so I didn't waste anytime at all, I went to the car parts store an bought a 1 gallon can of carburetor cleaner, what a wast of money, I should have went to the paint store and got lacquer thinner or something as strong, it's been about 20 years since I've rebuilt a carb, the only nice thing about the gallon paint can was the basket it had inside, I had one hell of a time just removing the road dirt on the outside off, I used a little metal wire brush about the size of a tooth brush, it helped, it still didn't wanna break down all the dirt on it, I used a small amount of gasoline that came out of the float bowls when I drained them, it worked far better than the carb clean I bought, I just don't like using gas, it can be purty dangerous
So I did get one car finished just as it got dark, tomorrow morning I'm gonna do the other
The only 2 changes I'm doing are the venturis and the main jets, John at helped me out there, the carbs were on the car when i got it, they're Solex 32/34 PDSIT with 22 mm venturi's in them, John told me to get 28 mm venturis and 145 main jets, mine had 130 main jets, so once I get them set up properly I hole to squeeze a few more mpg's out of them, or just a little bit more power
It amazes me the difference in the internal diameters of the venturi's, from around 7/8 inch to 1-1/16 inch, I took a picture of them next to each other with a penny on to to compare the 2

Well I hope to have them both finished by lunch time so I can take it for a test drive, I'll let ya's all know how it goes

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