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Originally Posted by DirtyFokker

Nadia (silver) and Copper (red) my 2 huskys doing there best trick, laying on the couch and not getting in trouble beacuse they are soooo damn pretty.
Awwwwwww! They ARE beautiful Huskies! We have a Timberwolf/Malamute mix we found through a rescue program. They were begging for someone to take him or at least get him from the Yuba county animal shelter because he was due to be put down in 2 days. We're suckers, so we saved him and payed to have him fixed. He's the BEST dog I've ever met. Super insightful and empathetic towards humans. Knows my roommate and I include the two Ferrets as part of the pack, so he doesn't eat them. He thinks he is a lap dog despite weighing 100 lbs. and standing high enough to effortlessly grab food off the kitchen counter. It's really fun when he wants to wake us up or an ambulance drives by and he goes into a full-on howl!

Here he is with my drunk friend Joe (Owns a '68 Bug) who he considers also part of the pack.
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