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the top of the fenders was a bit rusted but i never could find any good fenders of that year so i had some later modle fenders so i cut out the head light buckets from them that are way different shape than te older ones
but i think i did a good job on replacing them and making them work

motor turned over and spit thru the carbs but did not start so i took the valve covers off to notice it had bent push rods and stuck i bought a pair of single port heads new and installed them and did some clean up in the motor tins

started to take the brakes apart and i find out that this brake set up was only made 3 years and is a euro model only set up
master cylinder is 250
wheel cylinders are 95 each and each wheel takes two
and the front drums are obsolite

thats when the stock daily driver notch took its twist
no way i can see putting 1500 in brakes that i dont know how long they will last nor do i know if i can get more parts for it when i i fabbicated 5 inch narrowed front type1 based l/p front end with a cb performance drop spendel

this is corrent photos as of last weekend when the front end went together this is of the car lowered all the way with the short axles in the rear and 2 notches

and this is it raised all the way up and 2 notches in the rear

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