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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Well I suppose I should update the build thread before I update my build page on the Cutting board, but seeing how I missed a few of the things I did in the past month or so, here it is

Sorry I just get carried away at times

Since lowering the front with dropped spindles it now sits about 6 inches lower than stock up front, the other inch is from removing all the small torsion leaves, I should prolly put 1 set back in to 1 of the tubes to stiffen it up just a bit and also raise it a bit, the lowest point under the car it where the original beam bolted onto the bulk head the spot there is 3-3/4 inches from the ground, when I lower the rear a few notches I hope to raise the front up a little bit

The next thing I did was to get my brakes working better, I put the front disc brake setup I had from my Rail Buggy onto the V-Rod back in March when I started driving it, I had to push the pedal real hard in order to stop, after a few months I had to do something about it
So I put a larger bore master cylinder (M/C) on, you need a large bore M/C for disc brakes because the piston in the calipers are also very large
I only had a single circuit M/C from my Rail Buggy so all I needed was a new reservoir for the brake fluid. The original plastic one was all broken up from sitting since 1997.
It just so happened the plastic reservoir had a threaded fitting that screwed into the M/C which had a hole thru it the same size as the tap drill for a 1/4 inch NPT pipe tap, so I tapped it then gathered all the pipe fittings I had laying around and made a reservoir using 1-1/4 pipe nipple as the main part with a few reducers at the bottom to fit the thread I tapped into the M/C more fitting a few reducers to make the top a 3/4 inch pipe fitting and used a plug as my cap

Now it stops real good and using much less leg muscles, now my leg doesn't feel like jello after a drive

Next I started filling in sheet metal up front so I can begin to seal all the air that comes thru the dash, during the winter time, it makes a great deal of difference as to how fast you drive, if it's 20 degrees F outside and your driving 35 MPH the wind chill factor is well let's just say it's a bit to cold for me
IF I drive the V-Rod any during the winter this year it will be the first time in 16 years and never did I have heat, altho I did drive my Rail Buggy on the street for 3 years, and I drove it 1 day when it was 19 degrees F, and it was cold, so FUN in fact I drove it a lot when it snowed back then

I had to use my stick welder to weld the sheet metal, by the time I start welding good, it's time to finish, and if I cut the welding rods in half it's much easier for me, other wise I get the dadgum tip stuck on everything around except what I'm trying to weld
I also have a tough time seeing the weld thru the welding hood, so I do short welds or just a bunch of tac welds, it soooo much easier tac welding sheet metal with my little 120 V mig, but I'm out of gas, not enough $ to buy any flux core wire for a while, so I just do the best I can and will grind it once I fix at least 1 of my grinders, or go buy 2 cheap H/F grinders

I wonder if I can use compressed air, I have used CO-2 tanks in the past, maybe I can hook it up to my air compressor and tac weld the sheet metal ya never know until your try

Well enough typing for now, pictures speak for themselves so here are few pics

I still need to put my heater boxes on it, then put new heater control cables on it, then plum all the hoses to and from the heater channels

Once that is finished I will get my rear disc brakes finished and on the car, or it can wait till I cut the floor pan some time this winter so I can drop the bottom another 4 inches without messing with the suspension

If I get that finished before Spring next year I hope to have all the stuff I need so I can chop the top as well

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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