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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

So today I started something I have wanted to do since being told to run rear fenders on my V-Rod if I'm gonna use it as my daily driver, and I drive it everyday.
I wanted to cut the rear fenders so they are about at the center line of the rear tires that are on the rear of the car now, my future plan are to use some 8 inch wide wheels in the rear and use the widest tire I can on them, so that means they will stick out a bunch.

Rather than cutting the original steel fenders, I had a set of baja fenders that weren't in to good of shape so I cut those about where I thought I wanted them and not ruin the steel fenders by cutting to much off. I cut both of the baja rear fenders, then cut and drilled the holes for the tail lights and turn signals, the turn signals aren't the ones I plan to use when I get around to finishing everything, I just used them because I had them, and because they have reflectors on them just in case my tail lights of brake lights burn out after dark.

Well here are a few pictures of what I did to the rear baja fenders, they almost look like what I want except the back of the rear fenders need to go down more so they line up as good as possible with an early rear deck lid, I may need to use some filler metal if there are any gaps between the deck lid and fenders where they meet near the bottom in the rear

Front view

Left rear view

Right rear view

Rear view

Side view

Once I get the steel fenders cut and on and done a bit different than what the fiberglass baja fenders look like, I could only cut them where the fenders stopped in the rear otherwise I would have left more hang down closer to the bottom of the deck lid.

Well I best rest up because I think I heard something on the news about "Rain" tomorrow, and as sore as I am this evening I think rain will be here tomorrow or Thursday.
I guess I'll just plan it out in the morning as to what I'm a do depending on how the day turns out.
I will still keep my sun glasses on top of my head all day from Sun up to Sun down, I do this in hopes the rain will stop and the Sun will come out.

Nothing wrong with Wishful Thinking now is there

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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