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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

So I decided to lower the ass end of my V-Rod now that I have smaller fenders on it in back, now the fenders are only temporary until I decide to cut the original steel fenders, as I mentioned before I used a set of fiberglass Baja rear fenders to get an idea what it's gonna look like once I do it right.

I lowered it down 3 outer notches on each side, I checked the pre-load before raising the spring plates over the lower stops and they were at about 0 degrees (plus or minus a degree) they were at 20 degrees when I pushed the spring plates off their lower stops, after checking everything out once I finished both sides and took it for a ride so it could settle into place the front was about 1/2 inch higher than the rear, I want the rear about an inch or maybe 2 higher than the front

The spring plates also bottomed out on the upper spring plate stops at every bump in the road I hit, yes I could have notched the top of the spring plates to give more room but I'll do that to another set of spring plates because these are dual spring plates and I wanna keep them for my Dune Buggy, so maybe in the next week or two I'll take a set of the spring plates and notch them so it won't hit them

Here are a few pictures of it after I finished lowering it, I had to raise it back up 1 outer notch because I had to drive it Friday to have my hand surgery which means I hafta take it easy with my hand for a week or two, that gives me time to notch a set of extra spring plates I have, then I'll buy a set of front beam adjusters and lower it to where I want it, I may even put a set of coilover rear shocks on it so it rides a bit stiffer than it did when I lowered it down 3 notches, or I'll just hafta just adjust the rear torsion bars so both sides are as close to one another as possible because there was an inch difference between the rear sides

A few pictures

Look at our grand daughter's cat by the front tire, I think it's eyes almost look wicked

I still haven't edited the rear view to show where I plan to cut the fenders so they extend down a bit further because I have an early deck lid that isn't as bent up as the one from my 66 Bug

I plan to cut the rear fenders so they blend in with the longer deck lid, I may even need to add some sheet metal somewhere between the fenders and the deck lid, but I'll wait and see once I get it how I want it.

Now I guess would be a good time to buy some more flux core welding wire, I can't stick weld sheet metal at all, I end up burning more holes in the metal unless it is 1/4 inch thick

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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