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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Well it's about time to update this thread, nothing interesting except I did buy a new set of piston rings, the ones I got used are slowly starting to wear out
It puffs out a big blue cloud of smoke the first time I start it in the morning, and I can tell the compression is slowly going

I hope to get them soon as well as an oil temp gauge and sender, I also wanted to get a head temp gauge until I seen the price, it's gonna hafta wait a few months until I can save my pennies up for one of those

When I was looking at the head temp gauge and sender it looks like the sender is only an electric wire with a large diameter crimp on connector that goes around the spark plug before you put the spark plug into the head, it's gotta be more to it than that, but then again it was just a picture and I have never had a head temp gauge before so maybe there is more to it than I seen, guess I'll find out when I get one, may as well get a deep oil sump as well so it stays cooler during the Summer months

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