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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

I just copied and pasted everything from here to my other thread on the cutting board, I think I added a bit more, but it's the pics for me, I like to look at all the ideas everyone comes up with

Well, did a few things while this warmer than usual weather was here, ground stays nice and warm

So I wanted to rebuild and put my 2 barrel progressive carb kit I got many years ago on, been on a bunch of different Bugs as well a few engines

It's been sitting in a cabinet since '97, I took it in in the house and disassembled it, then I cleaned it all out up, compressor and blew air thru it, I couldn't get a carb rebuild kit where I usually get my VW parts, they are gonna have it Monday

I went ahead and put it on, it was running really good, had much more power than it did with the dual Solex carbs I took off, I believe they were way over jetted for my engine, it got terrible mileage, the past 2 - 3 month it's been around 20 MPG, I know when I ran my progressive carb I was getting about 28 MPG when I kept a lite foot on the pedal, on the highway I could get 33 MPG

I took the V-Rod out for another ride an hour later and it acted like it was fouling out a plug or 2 at a stop, then just bareley giving it much pedal it would creep up to about 10 MPH, then it would take off without pushing the pedal down further, and when I did push it down, it just took off like a Bug-outa-Hell

Only thing is, when I got home I let it run, walked back behind the car and it had all this oil running down the engine compartment again, it was blowing oil out the oil vent hoses I had added to each valve cover, I'm hoping it's the rings, because it was also blowing oil out of a large crack I have in my 1 header pipe, tit was blowing oil out right into my hand into my hand

I bought a set of piston rings back in September, I guess I'm gonna be putting them in Saturday

I also added a new fuse block, the kind that take the little glass tube fuses , I didn't like the original German "SHIT" fuses, I'd knock all the fuses out 1 by1 if I had to change one, we wont talk about my accidental bumping 1 out, it turns into a big deal
I also made the fuse block much easier to get to, they are under the hood facing up which is much better than under the dash facing down (that's so when you drop one you say "SHIT" that fuse

I also thew a little bit of blue pant on the very front of the car back to the the door hinges

I used 1 can and I have 1 more left, so I'm gonna do the doors and a little on the front most part of the roof next time it warms up
Then I'm gonna sand it all down, then put a few more coats on the front, then sand it down a bit more, then make the doors fade into black the closer you get to the B-pillars

The back is gonna be black, in between in between it's gonna look like a bruise
I think I'm gonna paint someplace on the car "Black-N-Back"

Here are a few new pictures
Here is one of the fuse blocks I bought, I got 6 of them so I have 12 fuses now, I also have everything hocked up and working really good, well except for the horn

Fuse block in car

Here it is with the blues

Still needs lots of paint, and then comes the sanding in the middle, I think the blue is a bit to light for me, I may hafta get me darker blue paint, that will go on the front, and after sanding it the way I wanna sand it, it's gonna look just like I imagine it, maybe it will remind me of a Bruise has the blues---->

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