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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

I have been thinking about moving the body forward a few inches, I'd like to lower the rear shocks a few notches, or as far down as they go, they are on the highest notch

Anyhow if I moved the body forward a few inches so the inner wheel wells are centered with the arch (side view in previous post) it will look much better

I can widen my wheels with out cutting the center out, I'll spit the wheel just past the welded section on my lathe (I have 2 wheels that only run out 0.010" when bolted to rear stub axle between centers

Then I'll roll up two 4 inch wide pieces of 11 ga sheet , then weld it between the wheel halves, weld and balance it, put the rear tires that are on the V-Rod now, they went to my Jeep Comanchee truck which had 8 inch wide wheel

I also finished re-ringing my engine Friday, took ma while to do it, when I bought the rings and gasket set back in November, I went to re-ring it a few months ago and couldn't find the rings (I put stuff in crazy stupid places so I won't forget where I put it) I found the rings 6 weeks ago, so last Wednesday I took I pulled the engine out, took # 1 & 2 cylinder head off, cleaned the pistons, honed the 2 cylinders, all was good

Then I went to get the gasket set so I can finally have a new set of push rod tube seals, that's when the problems started
Still haven't found the NEW gasket set
Did re-used the old ones, AGAIN, this makes 3 times over the last year

On the good side of things, it runs so much better
I hope to get better MPG as well as OPM

Took a few pictures of the 3 & 4 side when I was putting it back together

Then yesterday I finally painted my deck lid black to match the rest of the back

I also put some insulation in front of the engine, it sure does cut down the noise inside the car
It sounds much better with the mega duals on, I think that is because my other header had a nice long split in one of the bends

It's all black in back now

I think the next thing to do is chop the top, drop the seats, and as I mentioned at the beginning, pushing the body back a few inches

Guess I better get the Eldorado's engine put in and running so we have a 2nd car, makes it tough to do a chop top when your driving it every day
"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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