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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Well I tried the after market oil filter adapter, ended up with problems, I've mentioned it before, the tapped hole where the oil filter itself screws on was out of square with the sealing surface, I tried to face it off but only had a long screw to chuck up in the lathe, it was within 0.015" out when I screwed the filter on until the seal just touched at one point I could push the 0.015" thickness gauge thru the gap, well it blew the seal out after a 100 miles or so

Last weekend I found the oil filter adapter that came as original equipment on my 1988 Chevy S-10 Blazer with the 4.3 V6 engine, the oil lines bolt on the adapter using 1 bolt screwed thru an aluminum block which had about 3/8" sticking out past the block, "O" rings went on the short section, then that got bolted onto the adapter and to the engine as well as an oil cooler (most GM cars have A/C connections similar on the compressor)

Turns out the holes going into the adapter were 9/16", a tap drill for a 3/8" pipe tap is 37/64" (0.578") so I drilled all 4 holes out and tapped them so I can use the hose and fittings I already have, I tapped the holes on the opposite side which are for an oil cooler, I'm just gonna plug them unless I ever have an oil cooling problem, if so then I'll just go buy two 3/8" male pipe thread that is barbed for 3/8" oil line

Tomorrow I hope to make up a crude mount so I can put this thing back on, I just hate running it without a filter, plus this filter adapter also has an oil pressure relief built into it so it should work well during the colder months

Few pictures of the adapter with old filter on, need to clean and de-burr everything so no metal chips get pushed into the engine's oil

Maybe tomorrow evening I can post pictures if I get it mounted, the easiest place to mount it will be right behind the crank shaft pulley, it will be hidden from sight by the deck lid, and maybe I can make a deck lid latch from the oil filter bracket

It looks like my case was new, it's one of the universal type that has the dip stick opening on lower right hand side of the oil sump, I'm gonna try to use the threaded holes that are used for a rear engine mount on the square backs and fast backs

That just seems to be the best place to put it so it won't get hit by rocks and junk getting flung up from the rear tires, that and anyplace else means I'd need to buy more 3/8" hose, and I can't have that

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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