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Default VolksRod Mob Work Weekend
Re:: Just read it and I'll explain. hahaha   

OK, I have had this idea for a while but haven't said anything about till Mike Meet. Now I know that I'm not the only one that thought this cause when I said something at Mike Meet the guys were like yeah I had the same thought. Sorry for rambling it's Friday and the is flowing.

I purpose that we set up a VR work weekend in the local like tri-state area's to get together and kick ass on one person's car at there house or shop. For example: Carl ( carlsbugs ) wants to chop his top but not alone because he's never done it and also needs the car to deliver pizza's in for work. (Carl and Sam sorry it's just an example. Thanks foe letting me use you.) So Carl picks a weekend that is good for him and a couple others that are pretty close and then any other VRodder that wanted to show up and help out could. I said that this might be good to do like once every third month or so depending on gas prices and work schedules. I hope this is making sense. Like I said it's late. You would be amazed at how much you can get done with a couple guys and a grinder or two and some of the official lubricant (Beer). I think that 3or for guys working for 2 or 3 weekends on say Sam's ( stayndglass ) 56 v8 project could get up and going no problem. this is just an idea so lets hear what y'all thank.

I would like to see the Southern VA, NC,SC, and GA guys get together and try this. OK let have it. What do you think?

Later J

We need to find a stand-in Scott to "supervise" down here in the south. Yah know do nothing and drink all the beer.
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Easy and cheap, two of Volksrodders favorite words. Works for car parts or girls
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