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Default Re: VolksRod Mob Work Weekend

Originally Posted by redlinefan View Post
New to VW's but I am a ASE certified mechanic that willing to travel to help. I also have access to a car hauler or tow dollie if it would help. And I could also use some help on my ride.

Let me know

Well, since I have a vehicle I'm going to need to pick up from GA, I vote we raid sams house (staynedglass) and redline fan can tow it home for me. How far of a drive would it be for you, Jay?
Redlinefan, would Spartanburg, SC be out of your way coming back from Atlanta?
I also vote we get started on sams oval project. If it ends up looking anything like JoeDirts drawing, its going to be the catsazz!
Soultron, my brother, matt, wannabeetle on this forum, is stationed in New River, you should send him a PM, maybe yall can help each other with your bugs!

Das machine is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengraben!

Is too easy schnappen der springenwerk und blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spitzensparken!

Ist nicht fur gerwerken by das dumkopfen das rubbernecken sightseeren!

Keepen der hands in der pockets!

Relaxen und watch all der blinkenlights!
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