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Default Re: I LOST IT!!!

hehehe, yes, an office space thread... :D \o/

alright, on a moment of drunken seriousness..

In my stupor last night, I texted the boss (sorry to bother you boss!! really I am) and found out the Drunk thread was lost in an effort to accomodate those of us with nothing Volksrods related to say (sorry if I'm spilling beans ahead of schedule..)

I move that this becomes the New drunk thread, and I'm not just saying that because my name is next to the "Thread created by" wording and I'll feel special.. :P

oh and it's 5am now, I went to sleep at 10pm and I still can't stand up straight without teetering.. hehehhehee, man I missed not being on a ship... one more week and I can live off of a ship for at least a month and start trying to make awrite up describing building a 2276 from scratch..

"I never trust a fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink or at least cause a little trouble." -Admiral William Frederick Halsey Jr.
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