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check my site: under the chassis section

what I did pretty much was cut the front part of the chassis in front of the pedal area, cut out about 10" of the rear part of the chassis behind the seats, then move the middle part back. Then added pans in between the firewall area of teh chassis and the old firewall section of the pans. Maybe this pict below will help. THe bottom pict, the section in between the lines is the added chassis from a donor chassis.

Pict of my chassis, the passenger section relocated (mockup) and driver side stock:

And the added pans at front, keep in mind my pans has been dropped/channelled as well.

Also please note this isn't an easy modification. You will have to modify the pedals and shifter as well, lots of different ways to do that, info on how I did on my site as well (cut and relocate the chassis tunnel back 10"). The easy route is probably just extend the shifter on and angle going back, like a zig-zag/"s" shaped rod?

I only know of 4 VWs total that has done this, mine, Rob's/Will's volkstruck, and both of Tobias bugs. But it's well worth the effort [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsup.gif[/img] It will definitely be easier on a pickup conversion, but also keep in mind the rear wheels will be closer to the drive now. You can fix this by stretching the chassis in the middle. But I think(?) the other two builders (ButcherWill and Tobias) didn't relocate the chassis like mine, just remounted the body in a new location. This will make the driver sit alot closer to the dash, unless you relocate the seat back, etc. With my method (the harder way) the body basically still unbolts like stock adn the body lines will still match the chassis lines and everything bolt up exactly the same as stock. Also keep in mine if you do my method, you'll need to widen teh rear seat area a few inches to match the width of the stock body location at that area (just an FYI). THat's no big deal if you can do everything else anyways.

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