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Finally got the uprights a few weeks ago. My local Pick N Pull opted out of the half off sale the rest of the continent was having so I had to road trip out to Hayward and pray they had what I needed. had their half day and one Supra, SCORE. Took me forever to pull off all four uprights and calipers but in the end saved me a few hundred $$$. In the process of building my own tubing bender to use building the frame and suspension components. It won't have the double wishbones at all four corners as I wanted since the rear Supra uprights are suited for a top wishbone and two seperate lower links. I am opting for the rocker arm setup in the front and I am using 2005 Yamaha R6 coilover socks and springs (ultra cheap) instead of the hot rod versions. If anyone is interested in the plans for a tubing bender you can find it here: When I am finished building it I will post pictures and total cost of build.

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