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Steve - the chassis is actually going under the '60 body that i dragged back from utica. Rob, the '58 is just a pan that i got from bigguy, and i couldnt get the heart to hack up the '56 i'm picking up from jimw for this project. So the '60 body, on a '61 pan will be what we are concentrating on at the moment. And i cant mess up the ratwagen, as the pan is sweet and turbopunk has wood for it [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rollingeyes.gif[/img]

and hoppy, as far as homemade tools that would be running around jim's shop with a boner. This guy is one of the most talented problem solvers, i've ever met. One of his main forte's is creating idiotproof jigs so that even an moron can assemble and fabricate parts over and over for major manufacturers without knowing jack about what they are really doing. he can visualize some pretty amazing stuff, and then build it as well. I consider myself very lucky for any time i get to spend in his shop. I learn so much
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