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Default Re: Who has a buzz going on?

Originally Posted by tattooed_pariah View Post
I discovered the secret to a great jack and coke in high school...

if you have this style of Solo cup:

fill it to the second line from the bottom with jack and a 12 oz coke fits perfectly! it's almost completely full, but if you have any skill balancing your drink, you can still walk around a party without spilling it and it's strong as hell.

If you are using the newer style of solo cups: (the last image in this link, sorry, couldn't find a better pic, didn't try too hard either..)

fill it to just about the top of the bottom "O" on the grip pportion, that should give the same effect..

they're just strong enough to give you a slight whiskey shiver, but still tasty enough to drink :D just perfect!

you are oh so fuc**ing damn right! about the solo cup's, respecting to the second options of solo's cups, that amazing grip(the name) saved my drink from stoopid people pushing against each other in many hard partys....
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she's cute ... but she's still blond
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Ran like a raped ape.
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Pinstriping by the World-Famous Pepe Pistolas!!
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