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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

That car looks pretty solid from what I can see in the pics,, is it?

Depends on your definition, LOL! The pan halves are completely rusted, the rear window tray plus a few small spots throughout the car, but nothing like you were working with on Bugsplat (great build by the way, I spent almost six hours reading the entire thing!).

The real issue is once we got the paint off (pics coming) it would appear that this car has been painted four previous times (originally green, redone in green, changed to red and then redone in red). The sad thing is that is would also appear that someone spent about $3,000 on Bondo and $5 on bodywork under that Bondo! It looked like a used aluminum foil wrapper from a baked potato. Talk about tons of hammertime!

What's your plan?

Sticking to the original idea for the car that it will be for my son (and the timeline we have to finish it), the plans are his. He wants it to be Dodge purple (You would like that Carlene) with a grey interior. No mods to the body, just some rims and some tire stagger to give it a good rake. I have a 1915cc motor to put in it, plus we are converting the autostick to a manual. Small stereo and some window tint will finish the look. Nothing exciting compared to what is on this site, and the guys at thesamba will be happy with it.

but really no rust anywhere else on the car.

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