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Default Re: Son's '73 ghia - a distraction

Hey everyone!

An update is due for the past couple of weeks. Aside from reading all of the progress on several other members' rides, (very talented people here!!)

I have actually been working too

So, I got the pans off

And the body is looking pretty straight!

Door gaps looking pretty good!

Used to be a bunch of automatic transmission stuff in here, had to cut it all out and make it smooth.

Engine compartment looks pretty good now too, had to weld in some new metal to make it smooth

A straight!

A new motor ready to go in when all this is purple!

This side was pretty rough. A little rust on the bottom rocker and this rear fender had one big dent and about 30 small ones that were a result of someone using a slide hammer poorly. (they didn't even fill in the holes they made) Almost 1 inch of bondo on this fender.

Rust spots filled in, everything even

No body mods on this build. Just a straight resto-custom. We are probably going to miss our deadline, but hopefully by only a couple of weeks. I have two more builds to finish this year before I can start my dream project!

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Don't be Fucking stupid.

The bolt is Fucked, it won't fix it's self,
the Bolt Fairy won't fix it, and you can't fix it.

I know there is a Full Moon, but quit Fucking around.
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