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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Originally Posted by Unkl Ian View Post
Have you priced out 6"+ billet Aluminum lately ?
Add in the studs, machine time, the numbers go up quick.
no its been a while since i have priced any metal in a while, i get most of my stuff at the scrap yard (its amazing what some people throw away) i also do metal casting as well, i mostly do aluminum, i have done 1 iron cast melt just to see if i could get my furnace hot enough, a few brass castings as well

i started making a dividing head a few weeks ago so i could make a few gears for my lathe, im missing 3 and need to turn one of the threads, so im gonna make the 3 i need
anyhow here is a picture of the dividing head, which happens to be a 60/1 gearbox, that bolts to the table either way by a cast aluminum bracket and machined square and parallel to the spindle, i still need to make the index plates and pin for it, then bolt down and use it

i will start another thread about it one day when its finished, i will post pictures of it from start to finish, ill put in its proper place and not hijack anymore

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