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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Originally Posted by c1run1 View Post
They are not as heavy or thick as they appear . The VW Drum has a cone witch it has to compensate for . As for the lip i can have it machined a bit . 1/4 is to much Meatal Master .
The next set i'll address this issue .
i was referring to the 2 different bolt circles, you have the counter bored holes to bolt onto the drums, then you have the stud holes which are to allow the use of the ford wire wheels, what bolt circle diameter are the ford wire wheels, and what is the bolt circle diameter of the counter bored holes?

i was just stating that a 1/4 inch difference in the 2 different bolt circle diameters is tough to see in a picture

an example - you have 5 holes equally spaced on a 4.75" diameter bolt circle, then you need to make the 2nd bolt circle 4.500" with 5 holes equally spaced, well i just stated that that 1/4 inch difference is tough to see from a picture,

those numbers i used dont mean crap about your adapters, i was just trying make a simple statement, thats all, if i were to post a picture of an adapter using those numbers it would be tough to see the difference, i hope you understand what i was getting at, no big deal, but like i said,

one day ill make a set of adapters, wide 5 VW to whatever a standard ford 5 lug

the 1st picture in this thread is a wide VW 5 to an early ford, i can see that difference very easy, the one in post #17 it is tough to see the difference

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