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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Joe (c1run1) said he was talking to them about it... so they may... or may not be encorporating that into the design. I'm not sure yet. I don't understand the big debate over these additional spacer rings...

Every other genre of rod builders out there have had to deal with this when adapting these wheels to different drums. It's just common knowledge for the older "domestic" rods that you use these spacer rings when you adapt these wheels. The adapters I got from Skute Design didn't have them built in either...

If they incorporate them into the design... that would be great. If not... we'll be like 99% of the other rodders out there who have to run these spacer rings. That's why you see them made by several places, from about $40 for a set of 4.

Ideally... yes... it would be perfect if they were incorporated into the design. But seriously... a deciding factor... no.
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