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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Originally Posted by Mikelrome View Post
Well the thing is, when buying the adapters. I will know I need the ring also. If I saw the add for adapters I would think it's bolt on and go.
We have this site to get informed. My buddy in Timbucktwo would never know unless the vendor made this fact known in the add. I am very thankfull this product is offerd.
Keep in mind... they're not putting an ad out specifically for these adapters, they're offering up the service of making adapters to OUR specs. Don't put the responsibility on the vendor to know every size, spacing, offset, or the occasional freak detail (like these wheels) out there in the wheel world... It's up to the BUYER to do their research when getting something fabricated. Just like I did when I had mine done up.

It looks as if Joe has done the hard part for everyone here and got with them to have that spacer ring issue incorporated into the adapter itself... and that is AWESOME. But that info had to be supplied to them by the "buyer" (Joe in this instance), we couldn't have expected them to just know. Now that they have the design on file... it'll be piece of cake for everyone else from here on out.

I found out about the rings while doing my research (right after they already showed up). I didn't blame the guy on the lathe... come on.
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