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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Originally Posted by Steve View Post
It's the full 9 1/2" diameter needed that is the main turn off to most fabricators due to them not carrying blanks that large.
ya know i have heard that a lot, but why not use cast aluminum, or if weight isnt an issue use cast iron to make these adapters

i bought a set of cast aluminum adapters about 20 years ago, 4 lug VW to 5 lug 4-3/4 inch bolt pattern, i ran them on my Bug for a few years, then i got a set of wheels given to me for my rail buggy with the 4-3/4 bolt pattern, so i used them on my buggy off road, and just let me say, i put them thru more abuse than anyone could ever put them thru if they keep the car on the pavement

when i say i abused them, im talking jumping over hills and getting at least 12 feet off the ground and landing hard, sometimes the front would hit 1st, other times the rear would hit 1st, and a few times i landed it all 4 wheels at the same time, i did it almost every weekend for 2 years straight

they are still on my buggy, it hasnt been moved under power since 97, but they look as good today as they did the day i bought them, now either i was just real lucky, or i got a good set of adapters

yes i would rather have a set machined from a piece cut from a long billet bar, but depending on the matrerial used cast aluminum is just as strong, you can also age harden or season it as well to make it that much stronger

i guess i will hafta cast a set for myself and test them off road like i did to the ones i bought and see how much they can possibly take before breaking, or make just one and put under a press and see how much pressure it takes to break one, hafta do some R&D one day

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