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Default Re: Adapter update wide five to early ford

Thse look really nice. I read inline somewhere to use 13/16 socket size lug nuts must be used for those wheels. the individual was putting 1935's on a 1940 ford. the drum set up is different. adapters simulare to those are needed for that application. They were also pointing out the issues with the center spacers. yours looks good. they were pointing out that the spacers act as a double function, the lug holes in the rims are dimpled then coned which the spacers line up with the coned area, helping centering the rims also. This is important for adds strength and lets them rotate properly. That is why sometimes you'll find some wheels out there with oval shaped lug holes. You dont want you wheels whoobling around like the beaverly hill billys, or Herbie for that matter. That is the reason some people used to say those wheel were very unsafe. And in the 30's, there wasn't many engineer that knew half a shit. Much less the machanics. Just letting yall know something I found out. But oh yea, Hot Rod recommends 13/16 socket size lugs for some aparent reason. Maybe the size of the meat on the lug cant be any smaller. Thanks for the pictures
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