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Default Re: My concept for the general Vee

Well lets see, It has been almost 3 years of living in Colorado doing nothing but remodeling in my spare time. I promised my wife I wouldnt start any car projects until the house was done. Ah, well....the house is done now. It's exactly the way my wife wanted it.


I have been lurking the forums for most of the time I have been gone, have been greatly inspired by quite a few of the projects here, Johns Type 3, Hawaiin Punch, ClarkCustom's Section 8 and a few different truck projects I have been keeping up on. Great work everyone, thank you for keeping me from selling my cars.

I have decided to keep the sedan roofline with a Capella chop. I am debating going for the hard top look and removing the B pillar. I am not quite firm on it yet. 4.5" chop in the front and 2.5 in the rear. I am going to keep the stock rear glass unless I can find an oval clip to graft. I have my eyes open for an 8 in beam extension. Not wanting to cut into the hood for the 10 in beam. I am going to utilize VW door hinges for a suicide door set up. Also am considering an earlier model windshield section to obtain a lower looking front roof line. Also, the rag top to be plopped in as well

I am starting with a 66 relatively rust free that I found between a barn and a house here in North Colorado. A couple hundred later I was down the road with a car on trailer and a title. Weeeeee.

I have gutted the full car and removed all the burnables. Found about 400 bucks worth of gold locket and chain in the car. Gave it to my daughter. I will be keeping the original General Vee for another project after this one is done.
Here are a few pics from the disassembly and the concept I am going to go with.

Only a couple of rust patch panels needed on this.
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