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Default Re: My concept for the general Vee

Thanks guys.

I got the passenger side done today. I will show you a couple pics of the slices I had to make in the rear quarter and how I had to sew it all back together. It really was a matter of putting in the relief cuts and working and trimming away as you moved towards the rear deck lid. I used a contour guide to check progress matching from side to side.

Above gives you an idea of how much was taken vertically out of the rear section. I removed all the foam in the rear section so I wouldn't burn the place down. I measured the height both sides from identical positions and made a mark for how far down to bring the rear quarter and set before tacking.

Above you can see the two relief cuts I had to make in the rear sail panel. This kept things flowing as it all tapers out before the rear decklid. I had to move everything up about a 16th of an inch on this side, so I had a bit of gap to tack up.

As I worked back towards the deck lid, I trimmed and hammered and welded as I went until I had everything tacked together about half in a part. Then I started to come back in and fill.

You can see it mostly stitched together here. I had cleared out the inner panels so I could get to the welds while they were warm. I continued to hammer on the panel with the dolly on the outside to streth the seam back out. Every now and then a few strikes with out the dolly backing was needed.

Here you can see the inner panel peeled back to access the seam. You can also see how nicely the fire wall lined back up with the top edge of the vent area under the window.

And finally the rear shot so you can see how easily things lined up. I will wait until I get the motor back in to figure out how I will be skirting the areas on the side under the deck lid.

Over all, quite happy with the results. Only a few chunks taken out of my hands, but that is par for the course.
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