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Default Re: My concept for the general Vee

I started to work on the B pillar and the rear section on the drivers side. I checked the differences in contours along the sides with my little friend here.

Then I cut up the rear side window frame relocated it to its rough position. I also had to realign the door window frame as well. Then I tacked the rear side window frame where it attched to the upper quarter panel. Then seen how far I needed to bring down the front section in order to get it to line up with the door. I have a bit of tweaking and tacking to do tomorrow eve. I wanted to stop and get away from it for the eve to evaluate where I am before I go any further.

Here is the shot of it mocked up and then the computer enhancement to see how it will work out. I am considering getting rid of the drip rail all together. But not sure.
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