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Default Re: My concept for the general Vee

It is a home built wheel. It will handle 18 and 20 guage fine. I have only two different wheel set ups for it. One for putting arc in, and one for smoothing after beating with a bag and hammer. It is pretty basic. I will snap a pic of it tomorrow for you. I didnt really have any plans. I found some pics on the Hamb for a bench top wheel and kind of went from there. Grangers has a wide assortment of wheels and bearings that work great. I can not remember part numbers as it was along time ago when I put it together.

I think Doug shipped out the extender today. Weeee. I will get it on when it gets here. I am working on the R/P steering too.

I have yet to decide on tires. I am kind of looking at these on all 4 corners.

The only prob is the fronts will be the same size as the rear. So...I am undecided. If I keep the radials I have in front, I want a tall profile tire for the rear. I have probed a few times about how tall of a tire I can put on stock rim, but have gotten no input. I am going to call a local tire co or Universal to see what they advise.

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