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Default Re: Front end options revisited

Originally Posted by EVOlyn View Post
I did it two different ways. One was recalibrate it to level before each measurement, the other, I calibrated to level once and did all the measurements on one side, then repeated for the other side. Results were pretty much the same.

I will check the manual again and get the eccentric bolt oriented correctly and then give it another try. I sucks getting old, things that were once simple sometimes seem so dang complicated.

You were right on about me using the wrong multiplier in the formula. My Son was over Friday and after we spent time on our motorcycles, he wanted to help me with the alignment again.
We started over from scratch and this time, he did the readings. We set the camber at -4 degrees on both sides after first setting the eccentric bolts to the correct starting place (notch forward).
Once the camber was set, we measured the caster and used the correct formula. This time we ended up with right around 3 degrees on the left, but only 1.5 degrees on the right. For now, we left it that way.
The conversation we had was over the affect of changing the camber on just the right to get a caster reading closer to the one on the left which is close to what I have for stock. The formula V guys run as much was 7 degrees. I'm not sure I can get there, but we're going to start with what I have and see how it drives. My Son thinks it will pull to the right, off the road.
We then set toe in.
The next step is to square up the car by stringing it and then see where the toe in really is and see what the rear wheels look like. I have adjustable spring plates, so I have some adjustment on the camber in the back. They are uneven now, 1.5 and .5, so I'm going to even them up at 1 since I have wide rear tires on reversed rims.
I know how to move the rear axles for toe in, but it seems like it will require removing the wheels, so not exactly sure how I'm going to go about setting it without having to string it multiple times. We'll see. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
So that's where I stand at this point, Saturday, April 1st.
Harley powered roadster.
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