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So you want the fenderless look, but not the big ball joint style fender wells. Here's how you take care of them. I'm not much of a writer, but here we go.

This is the area that you will need to remove. You will need to cut around the weld for the upper foot well. Then you also need to cut the outer side of the fender well where it transitions into the fender mount area of the outer skin as marked below...

Now it's time to cut. I used an air die grinder and 3" cut off wheels. I also cut around the hood spring mount that was on the fendes so that I could reuse it. There are a few spot welds that I simply ground off once the rest of the fender well was removed. And here is what you should get...

Now you will need to get two rear fenders. You will be using the right rear on the felt front and so forth. I used the old fenders from my '73 super, but I would recomend using an earlier set due to some issues that I encountered in the tail light area. But having said that, the '73 fenders worked out great. You will need to trim off some of the excess fender. Mine were trimmed off just above the tail light hump.

(pic's did not turn out).

Hold the fender up to the cut away fender well, mark the out line of the patch piece, and make a few pie cuts. Now you can cut out the patch and begin to weld it in place. I started at the pinch weld area. Keep in mind that the metal for the fender patch is thinner than the welded section of the dash and old fender well. Working slowly, tack weld the patch in place. I opted to let the outer edge run long and trim it after final welds were in place.

With the fender Fully welded, I then removed the excess patch fender material and worked over the outer edge of the fender well. I still need to weld over the fender mount body nuts, and apply a coat of mud, but there is alot more to get done before it's Bondo time.

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