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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Good news ladies and gents. I got all the bugs worked out... still haven't synched the carbs but that'll come at a later date, I'm too anxious to take it on the street.

Found out what the fuel leak from the petcock was, the brass nipples that the fuel line attach to were a tad loose. I took a rubber mallet and tapped them back into place. The 3/16 fuel line is on and snug; no leaks. The float bowl leaks from yesterday magically disappeared. I'm assuming once they were soaked in gas, they swelled a tad and made a better seal . Anyway, thats fixed. The right blinker is also fixed. Turned out that the wire was rubbing against a metal edge of a hole I drilled in the fender to run the wiring through. Haven't installed a grommet yet but that will come later as well. Here's a couple pics of her from today...

Time for a spin.

Edit: Upgrades for the (hopefully) near future:
-New and relocated rear sets
-18" Wheel - p-nor, if you still have it and want to get rid of it, let me know.
-New exhaust

Edit 2: Just got back home after taking the bike on it's maiden voyage and just to let you know, that bike is a real kick! The acceleration is smooth and quick. After about 50mph I pulled it to WOT and still keeps going. The 120 jets does that bike good. I think I'll go riding again today.
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