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Default CB750 Cafe Project

Went for a ride up to a friends house in Palm Springs today to hang out and had a chance to see how the bike does on a long distance trip. Overall the bike performed really well. The only snags were 1: 3rd gear sticks a bit when up shifting and 2: I have to get used to using the choke.

I'm assuming the gear sticking is because of the clutch cable. It definitely needs replacing and makes it difficult to shift to first when slowing down to a stop and it wont even shift down to first when at a stop. The ride over was going well until about a block away I stalled due to the sticking 3rd gear. On the way home, the bike doesn't want to run so well when it is cold (weather is cold and the motor is cold as well). I think I'll adjust the idle screws a little richer to help the lean condition even under full choke.
I also stalled the bike halfway through the intersection when the bike was warming up an still on full choke . When the bike started acting up, I was really concerned that I wouldn't make it home (still a 35 minute drive away) and being stranded. I pulled over and started up the bike and messed with the choke and instantly ran wayyy better.

It's those small characteristics that make riding fun. I'll be taking the bike tomorrow to work in the morning and praying that it doesn't quit halfway through the intersection. Still a little paranoid but we'll see...
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